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Things are slowing down at In some sense, the topic has been exhausted. What presents itself as a “deeper” understanding of scripture turns out to be nothing more than recycled heresy. There’s really not much more to say. I do respond to private inquiries (press here). Usually I can respond within a week. If you are looking for information about kingdom exclusion, use the search function, or else view pages and categories.

Where’s the outrage?

The Word of the Kingdom conference is scheduled for early February (see link). Unsettlingly, three of the scheduled speakers believe some African and/or Arab races are cursed, or else promote literature justifying racial segregation.

1. Arlen Chitwood edited and promoted a book endorsing racial segregation (see link). Individually, he maintains some African races are cursed (see link).

2. In the 1980s, Royce Powell preached that certain races should not intermingle (listen to the sermon here — select “The Three Sons of Noah”).

3. Jim Brooks currently hosts two websites — and — promoting the racial theories of Chitwood, Powell and A. Edwin Wilson (download Selected Writings of A. Edwin Wilson here).

As “Word of the Kingdom” champions accountability, is it wrong to hold these men accountable for their words and deeds?