Price: Redeemed from the curse

“The curse connected with Gen. 9:25, 26b, 27b, of necessity, remains in effect today…” — Arlen L. Chitwood, frequent guest speaker at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship

“Is there any contemporary people group under the Hamitic curse? Don’t know. The Bible doesn’t tell us. The Bible’s genealogies don’t carry into the present day.” — Leadership at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Los Gatos, California

“People in the Lord Jesus Christ cannot be under a curse…” — Pastor John Herbert, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Jacksonville, Florida

What saith you?

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One thought on “Price: Redeemed from the curse

  1. I think it would be good if someone wrote about why there is no curse and perhaps never was. I read the Sons of Noah thing and think it would be good to hear the oposite view. I don’t know that I could do it and what I’ve read is very complicated. But I’m interested. This may be the site to do it that can do it.

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