Radio preacher says A. Edwin Wilson “not a racist”

Responding to inquiries from regarding a new website promoting the work of the late A. Edwin Wilson, radio preacher Arlen Banks asserted that Wilson “is not a racist.” The website,, features Wilson’s writings and provides links to Wilson’s audio sermons.

Wilson, who died in 1987, taught that blacks will be cursed until the millennial reign of Christ.

Banks said he created the website to counter one created by ( “As for the web site that I created, Wilson supports himself with his own writings and audio, I add nothing. You only show your disturbed view of a portion of Wilson’s Writings on your site. The site in question gives the reader both sides of the spectrum.”

An Internet search of “” yields no results concerning Wilson’s teachings on race.

In December last year, reported that in the 1950s through the 1980s, Wilson opposed integration as a work of Satan. The website also reported that Wilson taught that blacks are cursed, and that blacks have special proclivities toward sexual sins. Wilson also asserted that blacks should occupy “a position of national and personal servitude” until the millennial kingdom.[1.]

Answering e-mail inquiries, Banks stated that “A. Edwin Wilson is not a racist. Arlen Chitwood, is not a racist. Royce Powell, is not a racist. I, Arlen Banks, am not a racist.”

However, has identified several racist teachings from some of these prominent figures in the “Word of the Kingdom” movement:

  • Wilson was an avowed segregationist[2.]
  • Powell, Wilson’s successor at Daytona Heights Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee, taught that certain races shouldn’t intermingle[3. See Powell’s sermon posted here: (under “The Three Sons of Noah”).]
  • Chitwood edited and promoted Wilson’s teachings on blacks, endorsing Wilson as a Bible teacher “pre-eminently qualified” to speak on such subjects; and, he wrote independently¬†that blacks are indeed cursed[4.]

Banks seems more concerned to defend the “Word of the Kingdom,” which Wilson and Chitwood originated, than to answer questions regarding the racial views of these teachers. Banks regards all of these men as “God’s Preachers.”


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11 thoughts on “Radio preacher says A. Edwin Wilson “not a racist”

  1. Clearly the breaking down of national and ethnic barriers, in not only the US but the world, is contrary to the Scripture’s teaching. Is it not interesting that at the end of the age the Lord will once again deal with the nations, those things we find modern government so obsessed with blotting out.

  2. I would think if you were observant of the breakdown of borders, language and culture in our country as well as France and England you would understand. If not, I could hardly explain it to you. The issue is really that any discussion of “race” brings a label of racist against anyone with whom the opposition disagrees. On another note, I treasure my copy of “Selected Writings of A E Wilson.” and can hardly believe you would think he and Chitwood “invented” the word of the kingdom, I think Jesus did that in Matt 13. Understanding these things will bring insight into the Scripture like nothing else can or will.

  3. You treasure your copy of “Selected Writings,” but what about the Bible? Where does it say in the Bible that blacks and whites should not fellowship? Where does it say that blacks and whites should not integrate? No, these things are not found in the scriptures, but they are found in Wilson’s “Selected Writings.”


    If you intend to continue this conversation, I would advise you to consult the scriptures, not the words of an avowed segregationist. That you have thus far declined to present scriptural evidence of your beliefs only demonstrates the carnality of your claims.

  4. I have not quoted Wilson, or Chitwood but only commented on the value of understanding the word of the kingdom as compared to, the gospel of grace for example. While I have not looked in depth at your accusations one might ask why you would judge one man on what you see as an error and throw out all the good he taught. You are the one who is bent on simply discussing the race issue and a spiritual man would hardly judge someone whom you have never met. Because I believe the word of the Kingdom I am fleshly? What marvelous and gracious insight you have. If you think all nations and cultures are equal how do you deal with God’s choice of Israel both past and future?

  5. You are missing the point: Wilson was a racist. That’s the issue.

    In violation of all the principles of scripture, he excluded blacks from his fellowship. In a word, in Wilson’s “kingdom,” blacks were not welcome. That’s a serious issue.

    How you go from God choosing Israel to Wilson teaching that blacks should be deprived their rights entirely escapes my understanding. The two ideas are completely unrelated.

    No, Wilson did not draw his teaching from the Bible, but from Satan. Further, before you comment, might it not be wise to read the accusations carefully?

  6. Appaerntly in this kingdom the Bible doesn’t matter for anything. Just say whatever you want like blacks being cursed and then condemn others for not simply accepting that racist claptrap. Glad someones exposeing thse people for who they are. Keep it up.

  7. What astonishes me is the lengths some people will go to defend Wilson’s character. They seem more interested in preserving the credibility of their theology than to uphold what is just. Wilson clearly formulated the teaching they call “Word of the Kingdom,” and race separation is clearly a component of that belief.

    You have to wonder why Wilson’s book has been through three printings, and why his book (until exposed here) was available digitally at Chitwood’s site and at Bank’s site.

  8. So are there no racists out there? I mean, if this Wilson person isn’t a racist, who is? I mean, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck… right?

  9. Ethnic barriers? I want to hear also about the scriptures which talk about ethnic barriers. I’m glad that someone is poiting out that there are no such scriptures, which means we should be focusing on the people who say there are. It’s really sickening that after all these years people are still talking about these things as if they were scriptural when they’re not.

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