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I’ve been asked several times about Cornerstone Christian Fellowship of Los Gatos, California, as it is situated in my own community and as several of its members formerly attended Mountain Bible Church, where I am youth pastor and a member of the worship team. Apart from what is posted at their website (, I do not know much about the congregation. Some of its members are familiar to me, but they have not been open to discussion on the topic of the “Word of the Kingdom,” a form of exclusion which they espouse. Briefly, I offer the following observations:

1. They do not have a paid pastor nor anyone qualified to preach; instead, they read notes adapted from the sermons of John Herbert, who pastors Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Jacksonville, Florida. The Los Gatos church does have two elders and a teacher, however.

2. They promote extensively the teachings of Arlen L. Chitwood, who advocates that the salvation of the soul is conditional. The Los Gatos church writes in its statement of belief: “[E]very Christian has the responsibility to work out their salvation through Jesus Christ by faithful obedience to the Lord, confessing sins, and being washed by the blood of Christ. This process of sanctification will result in one’s faith being brought to its goal, the receiving of the salvation of the soul” (source). Though not stated explicitly, those who fail to “work out” their salvation will not receive the salvation of the soul. That aspect of a person remains unredeemed.

3. The church is particularly sensitive to criticism. Defending the “Word of the Kingdom,” Jeanne Alley, a teacher at Cornerstone, writes, “Others within the Church declare any teachings of the sort to be “heretical'” (source — links to a PDF file). I do not know anyone who considers the entire teaching to be heretical; it is certainly unorthodox, and some parts are indeed heretical, i.e. that salvation is conditional, but no one I know suggests the entire teaching is heretical. Instead, it is simply bad theology. Rather unfortunately, Alley does not address the issue of conditional salvation at all, though it is the principal reason “others within the Church” object to it.

4. Discussion of certain issues is closed. Though hosting a discussion forum, the church states: “If we find your questions or comments to be inflammatory or persecutory we will delete your post and ask that you refrain from any further blogging” (source). That others disagree with the teaching does not constitute persecution. It would be more helpful if the church agreed to an open discussion of the issue, rather than simply accusing all other churches of teaching an incomplete gospel, which is their principal charge against the Body of Christ at large.

5. The fellowship’s reading of scriptures is wildly allegorical and highly speculative. It is also not original. Often, the congregation simply parrots the teachings of Pastor Herbert, who largely parrots the teachings of Chitwood. The latter’s teachings have been reviewed extensively at, and are not regarded as being particularly wholesome or edifying.

Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, Los Gatos, is a rather small congregation of earnest minds. Unfortunately, as with Chitwood and Herbert, they have closed themselves off to the fellowship of the Body of Christ. When genuine concern for theological matters is expressed, they perceive persecution and close the discussion. This is unfortunate, for I believe an open discussion of the matter would be meaningful and edifying to the Body.

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  1. I post my reply here. I will also post my reply at your website.


    I’m sorry you feel persecuted, but if mere dissent constitutes persecution, we have lessened the meaning of the word significantly. To my knowledge, no one is preventing you from worshipping God as you see fit.

    In reply to your comments posted lately at your church website, I make the following observation: In Salvation of the Soul, Arlen L. Chitwood writes, “The salvation of the soul, unlike the salvation of the spirit, is conditional” (p. 13). This, and the claim that Christians will suffer the hurt of the second death, i.e. the lake of fire, constitutes my principal objection to the Word of the Kingdom. No where in your comments do you address this issue.

    As regards Mountain Bible Church, the elders determined in 2007 that the Word of the Kingdom “clearly adds to the Gospel message and leads to a very specific point of view that departs from traditional evangelical Christianity.” As such, the teaching could no longer be supported at church-sponsored events. No one was told to reject the teaching; everyone could study as they saw fit.

    Regarding my charge that principal advocates of the Word of the Kingdom denigrate other members of the Body of Christ, I stand by this charge. Pastor John Herbert of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Jacksonville, Florida, calls people who do not believe the Word of the Kingdom “unbelievers.” He says “believers” should have nothing to do with these “unbelievers.” Chitwood calls people who do not teach the Word of the Kingdom “false teachers.” I might call this “persecution,” but I do not. I simply note that two men associated with your fellowship in a teaching capacity call other Christians “unbelievers” and “false teachers.”

    Lastly, since publishing my first critique in 2007, I have remained open to discussion. I have corresponded with Chitwood, and have sought correspondence with Herbert. He flatly refused. I have also extended this offer to members of your fellowship. This offer remains open.

  2. Read Ralph’s response at the Cornerstone site. When did we start publishing people’s private e-mails? That seems unethical. I don’t know. Maybe its ok.

    Mark, they still wont’ answer the QUESTION. Apparently when Arlen calls a person an unbeliever, that’s ok, but when you call them to account for what they teach that’s persecution. I don’t know. Keep up the good work.

  3. Mark you and your little budy roseted act like you about six years old. You have no honer or integrity!
    You take things out of context and use them to your benefit. You will stand before the Lord one day and give an acount for these things. Math 19:19 “Love thy neighbour as thy self”. Are you and your little budy doing that? It’s easy to pick on people behind your computer, so why not spend your time proclaiming the Gospel to those in need instead of feeding your little man complex picking on others. Now I’m still learning to be meek so I’ll call you what you are; your a snake! And I’m not worried about a little snake, the Lord tells us the out come in Gen 3:15 of the snake. So go ahead and scold me for speaking the facts about your puny attempt to stop those who are seeking the truth, and tell me how there is no room for comments such as these on

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