Publisher declines comment on Wilson’s book

Schoettle Publishing Company refused to comment on The Selected Writings of A. Edwin Wilson, which contains a denunciation of the civil rights movement and a diatribe against desegregation. The book is featured in its catalog. Asked if the company supports Wilson’s racial theories, Publisher Lewis Schoettle wrote by e-mail, “The editor of the Wilson book is: Arlen Chitwood. You might want to ask the EDITOR…your questions.”

Schoettle (pronounced “shuttle”) is an “extension” of ministries.

Earlier in the week, published an article about Wilson’s racial theories, featuring a response from Chitwood, who compiled and edited the book.

Promotional literature at, borrowing from Chitwood’s introduction, describes Wilson as “one of the great Bible teachers of our times.” And a featured customer comment exclaims, “Brother Wilson’s book is a jewel to the Christian layman. This one book has provided insight and truths previously not revealed in full to me. I never cease to turn to it for short readings as well as long studies of subjects it contains. This book is the one I use to give as a gift to those God leads me to fellowship with regarding kingdom truths. THIS BOOK NEVER GATHERS DUST!” (emphasis in the original).

Subsequent inquiries have not been returned.

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4 thoughts on “Publisher declines comment on Wilson’s book

  1. Hmmm…how interesting. They openly publish this book, yet refuse to comment “yea” or “nay” on the contents of said book.

    Seems quite simple to me: they should take responsibility for what they openly publish and sell.

  2. To the readers of this article by the Admin, “Publisher declines comment on Wilson’s book”. You can read comments from Arlen Banks on KE, in the discussion forum on “Are black people cursed”. The discussion there pertains to this very subject, “Publisher declines comment on Wilson’s book”, (subject, Wilson’s, “Sons of Noah”).

    If you the reader, would like to reseach this book in question, “The Selected Writings of A. Edwin Wilson”, for yourself, you can download the entire book for free at, . It will be on the resources page. Then you can read the forward, and also see, that the book in question has 22 chapters, and not just 1.

    roseted made an assumption, and commented, “I guess they don’t care whats in their books”.
    My responce is this: Sense I, make this book available on my web site for free, I CARE.

    Arlen Banks

  3. I feel that a Christian book publisher should care what’s in their books. Imagine the sadness that a person of color would feel when she came to the part about being cursed.

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