Baptist purgatory, part 2

W. Robert Anfill, a Catholic writer, asks how kingdom exclusion is not simply a Protestantized form of purgatory. In an article for, he writes,

Many Fundamentalist Protestants interpret the Bible in accordance with the so-called “Dispensationalism” popularized by the Scofield Reference Bible… Dispensationalists go beyond even the classic Lutherans and Calvinists in their insistence on the “eternal security” of the believer, often insisting that even utterly fruitless and dead faith (cf. James 2) is saving faith! For this they are condemned by Calvinists for fostering a lawless or antinomian mentality. The dispensationalists counter this charge by affirming that, though no believers will be damned, some will be more highly rewarded for their good works and service than others; and fruitless or “carnal” believers will, in the Day of Judgment, even feel a temporary deprivation of the fullness of joy and glory.

See article at Purgatory in all but name.

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