Husting: KE not for the lover of God

Steve Husting, an advocate of Kingdom Exclusion, offers these words on the subject:

Kingdom exclusion is not for the believer who wants to follow the Lord. It’s not for the believer who occasionally and repeatedly stumbles and sins. Such believers do not have a sword hanging over their heads ready to fall the moment they slip up (source).

His concern for scripture is admirable, but not entirely logical. Indeed, there are warnings (not as many as Husting supposes), but there is no such thing as exclusion (see related article). It’s absence is the first objection. The second is the conciliatory nature of his latest post at Living With the End in Viewis noteworthy, for it highlights the difficulty exclusionists have maintaining the orthodoxy of the teaching. It is so entirely speculative, how does one apply it to actual living?

Husting writes that KE is not for the believer who “occasionally and repeatedly stumbles and sins,” but for the one who has fallen away. How do we define falling away? How do we judge such things? Do we know the mind of God?

God demands that we be absolutely perfect, as he is perfect. Does Husting’s gospel excuse a certain amount of sin? Is there a certain amount of sin that is tolerable? Does God wish for us to walk the middle way? Or, is there a certain amount that God forgives, but a certain amount he does not forgive?

If we embrace that God demands absolute perfection, we embrace grace, for there is no other way to achieve perfection. But if we embrace that our sins, “occassionally and repeatedly” committed, are tolerable, we reject grace, for we assume that some sin is forgiven by the blood of Jesus, some not, and we advance the claim that righteousness is by works.

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