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  1. This is getting to be a big teaching in the prisons I minister in Arlen Chitwood is getting very popular. Are there any other ministries out there dealing with his teaching? I have only found you speaking out against it.

    1. Chitwood’s materials are popular because they are (1) free and (2) simple to read. There isn’t much written about his work because it really doesn’t have a large reach. I only discovered Chitwood’s books because a few members of my church introduced them to our community. At first glance, Chitwood seemed contentious, but not heretical.

      Because his reach is really not that great (even kingdom churches are in decline), I doubt that there will ever be much response. I am trying to fill the gap, and I hope you find these pages helpful.

  2. Kingdom Exclusion is becoming famous. Search Google and Witness Lee’s ministry website for the term “Dispensational Punishment”. It it synonymous to kingdom exclusion.

    Even worse, Kingdom exclusion material has been translated to mandarim, thanks to Witness Lee’s influence in China.

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