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A. Edwin Wilson’s not so Golden Rule

a-edwin-wilsonConducting research on kingdom exclusion, I’ve been listening to some of A. Edwin Wilson’s sermons, which I obtained through various online sources. Wilson, along with Watchman Nee, may well be among the earliest proponents of millennial exclusion, the idea that salvation is not strictly by grace, but by striving for the kingdom. What I’ve noticed is that he systematically recasts scripture to fit his theological supposition. His analysis of the Golden Rule is one such case.

In an undated sermon (audio link), Wilson says, “The Golden Rule is only for saved people… [it] has nothing to do with the lost.” What follows are a series of examples to demonstrate the point. He notes that you would not give a con man your choice business leads. A judge would not free a condemned man simply because he would want to be freed himself. But this is a red herring: Jesus’s audience would not have understood the Golden Rule this way.

So Wilson’s analysis is based on a false supposition. What follows is an astonishing misinterpretation of the Rule.

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